Our Government has 5,000+ Welfare Schemes Across
Different Categories

There Are Three Fundamental Issues

Knowledge Of Such Schemes Amongst The Aam Aadmi
Collective Information About The Schemes On A Unified Platform
Application Assistance With Complete Knowledge Of The Process

Your Donation Will Create A Three-Level Impact

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Your Donation Will Create A Three-Level Impact

Who is a Margdarshak

  • Margdarshak is an Aam Aadmi with a difference.
  • A person who can add value to society at the same time create an opportunity for themselves to earn through the Mera Adhikar platform.
  • The prime role of a Margdarshak is to empower Aam Aadmi by generating their Benefit Discovery Report (BDR) and give knowledge about various government schemes in different domains, like Healthcare, Insurance, Livelihood, Education, Loans, Businesses, Policies, etc.
  • They will also assist Aam Aadmi to Apply for those Schemes which they are eligible.
  • They will guide, mentor and motivate the Aam Aadmi and help them uplift their own lifestyle and at the same time entire society.

Why Donate?

  1. Every project that needs to be implemented at the grass root level involves huge Operation costs.
  2. The larger objective is to creates awareness and upliftment of various segments of society thereby transforming the ecosystem in healthy and positive manner. This leads to creation of better livelihood and overall encasement of those living at the Bottom of Pyramid
  3. It fulfills a dual purpose of generating livelihood and enhance living standards for both the “Margdarshaks” and the “Beneficiaries”

Reason to Donate?

Donate for a Noble Nation Building Cause… Donate for Self Satisfaction… Donate to Give Back to Society... Donate for Charity… Donate for Spiritual Gratification...Donate to Celebrate… Donate to Remember… Donate to make someone Happy… Just Donate…..

How My Donation Works?



You register and donate the amount as per your wish or desire.



A Margdarshak is assigned to generate the BDR for the targeted Beneficiaries



Margdarshak explains the eligible Scheme Benefits to the Beneficiary

About Us?

Mera Adhikar is a Phygital platform which utilizes the latest Technology and final frontier Human touch to deliver the desire Impact. It is a platform for Government Welfare Schemes Eligibility Discovery & Delivery, it helps Aam Aadmi discover the benefits of welfare schemes provided by our government in various sectors like Education, Healthcare, Livelihood, Pensions and many more.

The platform generates a report called as Beneficiary Discovery Report (BDR). This report helps the “Aam Aadmi” understand in detail the schemes offered to them by the government.

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